Who we are

BRANDMARKED are specialists in community building. We create followers for your brand, product or concept.

The Sherrif
The Pioneer
The Lawman

What we do

We 'Brandmark' rememberable emotions.
Through a combination of an unexpected creative view and a solid production,
we translate the identity of your brand into an experience that creates desirability and attracts followers.
We build remarkable custom made brand activations.

How we do it

We love to spread good feelings by turning your event into an unforgettable spectacle.
Throughout a large network of partners that we built over the past 10 years and a unique combination
between creativity and functionality we manage to bring on the best entertainment you can imagine.

What moves us

Taking people on an unexpected adventure, crossing borders to discover the unknown opportunities of their own event, brand or product,
which they didn't even held possible, to touch them and leave an unforgettable Brandmark on their retina and an endless grin on their faces.